The vision of the SESAr research group is to nurture a vibrant research community which contributes to expanding the frontier of knowledge in the fields of Software Engineering and Software Architecture.

The scope of the Software Engineering and Software Architecture Research Group (SESAr) includes Software Architecture, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), and Quality Assurance. Our focus includes the development of a method and a domain specific language for service oriented application design and for software architecture design. We do work around design methods, description languages, model validation as well as code, test and documentation generation. The research group is also in a position to accommodate research projects around other Software Engineering topics.

The research group is actively consulting in industry and opportunities for joint industry-academic research exist.


In order to increase the level of abstraction, reduce the amount of code which must be written and maintained and increase the quality and consistency of the code base there is an increase in interest in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). Within MDE models are the primary artifacts from which other artifacts like code, tests and documentation are generated.

Currently the software architecture addressing the non-functional requirements is commonly hard-coded into the model transformations used to generate the code. The long term aim is to have as inputs to an MDE process both, an an architecture and technology-neutral application design model concerned with primary functional requirements and an architecture model concerned with addressing non-functional requirements.

The second focus of the research group is Software Architecture independent of MDE. Software Architecture is a very active field of research which is particularly relevant in the context of modern integrated systems having to meet more and more stringent non-functional requirements. Our research topics include architecture design, verification, validation, dynamics and evolution as well as Architecture Description Languages.