Permanent Members of SESAr
Post-graduate students:
  • Edson Pindza (PhD-IT)
    • Reference Architectures for Computational Intensive Financial Systems
  • Henry de Nysschen (MSc CS)
    • A Method for Re-architecting Software Systems
  • Daniel Joubert (MSc CS)
    • Requirements for Big Data Analytics
  • Vusi Sithole (MIT)
    • Scaling Scrum for Concurrent Development with Synchronized Releases
  • Lucia Winji (MIT)
    • Impact of Agile on Software Architecture Methodologies
2016 Honours students:
  • Kale-ab Tessera
    • Generating unit tests from Java pre/post-condition annotations
  • Ruth Ojo
    • Mapping URDAD services contracts onto Java interfaces with contract annotations
  • Dieumerci Kazadi
    • Architectural Analysis of AUTOSAR
  • Marius Janse van Vuuren
    • Modified Wide-Band Delphi Estimation
  • Kgothatso Mathabatha
    • Architectures for software development
  • Paul Engelke
    • Extending Java to Support OO relationships
  • Dieumerci Kazadi
    • Architectural analysis of AUTOSAR
  • Panashe Mukonoweshuro
    • IEEE-42010 compliance of URDAD
  • Sifiso Mahlaba
    • Mapping URDAD contracts onto REST-WADL
  • Sedzani Mathotho
    • Test Data Generation for Contracts-Based Black-Box Unit Testing
  • Dakalo Netshiya
    • Designing a Persistence Architecture Based on Quality Requirements
Students who completed their research projects within SESAr
  • Vusi Sithole (MIT) – 2016
    • Scaling Scrum for concurrent development with synchronized releases
  • Priscilla Hammond (Hons, 2015)
    • URDAD Model Verification
  • Philip de Kok (MIT, 2014)
  • Brett Coomer (Hons, 2014)
    • URDAD WSDL Mapping
  • Jacques Coetzee (Hons, 2014)
    • Mapping URDAD Process Specifications onto Java
  • Agbaye Abisoye (Hons, 2014)
    • Quality-attribute based Analysis of Complex Event Processing and Rules Engines
  • Ruben Bakker (Best Hons Project, 2013)
    • Java support for UML Class Relationships