A Architecture Description Language (ADL) for SyMAD

The Systematic Method for software Architecture Design (SyMAD) is a method for architecture design which strictly separates aplication design addressing the user’s functional requirements from software architecture design addressing non-functional requirements. The ultimate goal is to be able to perform an implementation mapping generating a software system which provides the application functionality as specified in an application design model addressing the functional requirements within a software architecture specified by an architectural model addressing the non-functional requirement — with both models being able to vary independently.

Currently we do have a domain-specific language for services-oriented design of a technology neutral application design model following the URDAD method, the URDAD-DSL. We do not yet have an architecture description language (ADL) which is known to be suitable for the SyMAD method. The aim of this project is to (i) specify the requirements for such an architecture description language, (ii) assess current ADLs for their suitability as an ADL for SyMAD and (iii) either extend one of the current ADLs to be able to be used for capturing a software architecture model as required by SyMAD or develop a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for such an ADL.

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